Refractories Expertise Since 1946

The Complexities with Refractories

On the surface, refractory products don’t seem very complex; they’re just products that maintain their strength at high temperatures. We use them in linings for furnaces, incinerators, boilers, kilns and other processing and manufacturing equipment.

But upon deeper inspection, there are many variables that determine which type of refractory to use in a specific installation or application. There are refractories based on chemical composition, refractories based on method of manufacturing, refractories based on shape and size, and refractories based on process application. Refractories are not a commodity, and refractory selection is not a “one size fits all” process.

Selecting and installing refractories is typically the lowest priority for maintenance managers or for manufacturing and plant engineers – refractories end up being the last thing on the Gantt chart or “To Do” list. But that doesn’t mean that they’re the least important.

It’s not uncommon for significant challenges to appear during a typical refractory installation project. These challenges can cause extended plant downtime, which can cost millions in lost production, and worse, safety issues.

F.S. Sperry Story

Our Approach

F.S. Sperry Co. lives and breathes refractories. We’ve been doing it since 1946, and have built a tremendous knowledge base about refractories and manufacturing equipment. Some of this equipment has been out of production for decades – but is still being used in plants – and we might be the only ones left who understand it.

We’re contractors and engineers, and we love our work. We’re proud to share our technical expertise with plant engineers and clients – so you can make the right refractory product and installation decisions, for the right reasons.

Your Need for Speed, Safety and Expertise

Our technical expertise and deep experience allow us to quickly craft the right product/installation mix for your facility, so you can have confidence that we can get the job done right, on an aggressive timeline.

We also understand your need for fast and cost-effective products and services, so we’ve built extensive supplier relationships and distribution centers. We can ship your products fast and minimize costly downtime.

Although our goal is to be a low-cost provider, this doesn’t always mean that we’re the cheapest bidder. However, doing the job right saves money over the lifecycle of the project.

The Importance of Doing Things Right

We value honesty and integrity, and are transparent with our clients and prospects. If we’re not the right fit for your job, we’ll tell you, and recommend the company that is the best fit. That’s our promise to you – sharing our technical expertise to provide you with safe, fast, effective and economical refractory products and contracting services.

Complete Satisfaction

F.S. Sperry strives for outstanding quality and service, and doing business with us guarantees you reasonable prices and complete satisfaction. We love our work, and value our client relationships. We promise that you won’t have to just take our word for it — 98% of our customers have returned to us for another project.