Most Jobs Continue After Installation

Maintaining your heat processing equipment prevents the failures that can damage your equipment, create safety hazards, or completely shutdown your operation.

The team at F.S. Sperry can provide preventative refractory maintenance, on regular intervals, to inspect your heat processing equipment, calculate heat loss, and identify necessary repairs to keep your equipment running safely and effectively.

If you need emergency repairs, we have the largest inventory of refractory products in the Mid-South including brick, castable, plastic, ceramic fiber and other high temperature products, so we can get your equipment up and running quickly.

And if your boiler, kiln, dryer, industrial furnace or any other type of heat processing equipment is no longer supported by the manufacturer, we probably have the blueprints for it in our Resource Center. We’ve been stockpiling schematics and engineering drawings since 1946. If your manufacturer is out of business, we might be the only company with the blueprints left!

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