Refractory Materials

As a contractor and material distribution company, F.S. Sperry sells and installs refractory materials from virtually every manufacturer.

We also maintain a substantial inventory — so you can obtain almost every type of refractory material from F.S. Sperry.

Unlike many refractory manufacturers who can only quote what they make, F.S Sperry can provide Single-Source procurement of your entire Bill of Material (BOM).

Send us your Bill of Material – we can supply everything!

Support Materials for Refractories 


Refractory anchors hold the refractory products to the shell of the heat processing equipment. They’re manufactured in a wide variety of materials, styles and sizes.

Refractory Materials

F.S. Sperry provides a full line of refractory anchors, including high-quality anchors from Plibrico.

Common anchors include:

  • Ceramic Tile Anchors
  • Ceramic Fiber Anchors
  • Metal Tile Anchors
  • Pipe-Lining Anchors
  • Brick Linings
  • Metallic Fiber Anchors
  • Concrete Linings
  • Dual Linings
  • Wire Anchors
  • Wall-Support Anchors


Common anchor shapes include:

  • V Anchors
  • Y Anchors
  • PV Anchors
  • VCL Locking Cleat
  • Zig-Zag
  • Crook

Precast Shapes

Precast shapes can be used to improve the performance and extend the life of refractory products. This extends the life of your heat processing equipment and lowers refractory maintenance costs.

F.S. Sperry provides a wide variety of precast shapes and sizes, for use in almost any type of heat processing equipment, including:

  • Industrial Furnaces
  • Boilers
  • Incinerators
  • Heat Treating Equipment
  • Gasifiers
  • RTOs
  • Rotary Kilns
  • Tunnel Kilns
  • Dryers

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