Foamfrax®  Insulation

Installed Foamfrax InsulationFoamfrax Insulation is a monolithic insulation system developed by Unifrax Corporation. Foamfrax is a three-component system of specially conditioned bulk ceramic or soluble fibers, an inorganic binder, and an organic foaming binder.

Foamfrax Insulation is used to insulate metal, refractory, or ceramic fiber surfaces at temperatures up to 2450°F. It can be installed at rates in excess of 1000 board feet / hour and is used in a wide range of furnace linings and other insulating applications.

A principle application of Foamfrax Insulation is to upgrade the efficiency of partially deteriorated furnace linings. The rapid application of several inches of Foamfrax to the existing hot face surface extends the furnace lining life and improves furnace efficiency.

Foamfrax Advantages

  • Speed and ease of installation
  • Low rebound during installation
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Low thermal shrinkage
  • Low heat storage
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good sound absorption

Foamfrax Applications

Using Foamfrax, we’ve extended the life of old furnaces by up to four years, saving customers substantial amounts of capital via reduced energy costs, less downtime and delayed equipment replacement costs.

We can apply our special Foamfrax veneer coatings to

  • Ladle lids
  • Consumable ladle lids
  • Ladle preheater walls
  • Tunnel furnaces (on the vertical upper side walls)
  • Roller openings
  • Lower castable lining in the lower section of the tunnel furnace (below the rollers)
  • Castable end panels and doors (if ceramic fiber)

Download a Foamfrax Case Study of an F.S. Sperry application of Foamfrax in Nucor Steel’s facility Hickman, Arkansas, or read about how we installed a special veneer coating to preserve ladle preheaters in melt shop.

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