Insulfrax Specialty Glass Fiber High Temperature Insulation Products

Insulfrax Products

Insulfrax® Thermal Insulation products provide thermal insulation at recommended operating temperatures up to 1000°C (1832°F).

The Insulfrax product family was developed from a calcium, magnesium, silica chemistry.

Insulfrax soluble fiber products are designed to have enhanced in-vitro solubility characteristics.

Insulfrax Product Line

Insulfrax® Bulk Fibers

Insulfrax® Spun Fiber 3010 is a man-made amorphous fiber based on a calcium, magnesium, silicate composition, developed for temperature ranges up to 1000°C (1832°F).

Insulfrax Bulk Fiber Insulation Product Data Sheet

Insulfrax® 1800 Blanket

Insulfrax® 1800 Blanket combines low thermal conductivity with excellent resistance to thermal shock. Completely inorganic, it exhibits no smoke generation or outgassing during service.

Insulfrax 1800 Blanket Insulation Product Data Sheet

Insulfrax® Paper

Insulfrax® Paper is an evolutionary product which is manufactured by forming Insulfrax Fiber in a nonwoven matrix. These fibers are randomly oriented during manufacturing and then held in place with a latex binder system.

Insulfrax Paper Product Data Sheet

Insulfrax® Modules

Insulfrax modules offer multiple-attachment options designed to meet the needs of specific application requirements. Insulfrax modules include Bonded 1800 Modules, and Anchor-Loc 1800 modules with the Tread Loc® Systems, Screw Loc® Systems, Power-Loc® Systems, Weld-Loc® Systems attachments.

Insulfrax Bonded Modules Product Data Sheet

Insulfrax Anchor-Loc Modules Product Data Sheet

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