Excelfrax Microporous Insulation Product

Excelfrax Microporous InsulationThe Excelfrax® product line from Unifrax is based on advanced microporous insulation technology, to provide powerful insulation capabilities.

The Excelfrax microporous insulation is composed of inorganic oxides, primarily fumed silica with silicates and opacifiers added to improve the material performance.

Excelfrax® Microporous Insulation products exhibit superior insulating characteristics, providing very low thermal conductivity which can provide significant space and weight savings.


Excelfrax® Microporous Insulation

The Excelfrax® product line, based on advanced microporous insulation technology, is a family of products which all exhibit superior insulating characteristics.

Excelfrax® 200 VIP Insulation

Excelfrax® 200 VIP is a Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP) designed to provide superior insulation at temperatures between -300°F and +300°F.

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