Part of Our DNA

Engineering is part of our DNA and we provide a full-service refractory engineering department. Our partnership with Plibrico allows us to engineer, manufacture and construct a turn-key installation.

Our engineers are trained in chemical, mechanical, metallurgical, material and process engineering, to ensure that we cover all facets of the analysis and design needs of our clients.

Since our inception in 1946, we’ve been building our engineering Resource Center, giving our team access to the blueprints, schematics and specifications for almost every type of heat processing equipment currently installed in manufacturing facilities in the southeastern United States.

Our drawings contain detailed instructions regarding design specifications, construction methods, and materials and installation procedures. The experience of our team allows us to combine proven engineering discipline with practical know-how to create an effective solution for your facility or equipment.

Contact us to speak to our engineering team about:

  • Refractory Application Engineering
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Design Calculations
  • Heat Loss Data

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