Safety Matters

Job safety is not only your concern – it’s our priority. That’s why we invest heavily in training our employees and enhancing our safety program.

Our Commitment to Safety

F.S. Sperry’s commitment to quality and cost-effective service is met through wise stewardship of resources, both ours and those of our customers. From our inception, people have been our most valuable resource, which we pro-actively protect through a variety of health, safety and environmental programs designed not only for regulatory compliance, but also to create an environment where safe performance is encouraged and rewarded.

Policies and Procedures

Our policies and procedures are tailored to the specific exposures encountered in our refractory work and in the industries we serve. It is from these policies and procedures that we train our craftsmen and hold them accountable.

We work for project owners who have their own high safety expectations and standards, which we embrace on each and every project. The process begins during the planning stages, where our project managers and superintendents collaborate with the facility managers to identify and analyze the hazards and determine the necessary controls and responsibilities. We assign a full-time safety professional to supervise the work on larger jobs.

In addition to our own expertise, we depend on the specialized services of our HSE compliance partner, Green & Safe.

Safety Overview:
  • All F.S. Sperry craftsmen have completed OSHA 10-Hour, MSHA Part 46, and American Red Cross safety training.
  • F.S. Sperry is an active participant in the state drug free workplace program.
  • F.S. Sperry has a comprehensive safety program with policies and procedures updated to current regulatory standards.  Work practices include safety meetings, job hazard analysis with safe plans of action, equipment safety inspections, and worksite safety audits.
  • F.S. Sperry workers are trained on a wide range of hazard identification and control procedures for each task we perform.
  • F.S. Sperry implements job safety procedures for the installation and repair services as well as for the related carpentry, scaffolding and tear-out work.
  • F.S. Sperry supervisors have the training and experience to ensure that the necessary safety practices are followed every step of the way.


Our Investment in Our People

F.S. Sperry establishes a separate budget each year for safety, from which resources are spent on equipment, training, consulting, and auditing. Our typical investment in safety per employee, excluding equipment approaches $2,500 per employee, per year.

As a result of our commitment to safety, F.S. Sperry has been reviewed and qualified as an approved contractor through several third-party administrators, including ISNetworld and PICS Auditing.


F.S. Sperry ISNetworld Certification
PICS Member F.S. Sperry

We have seen measurable returns on our safety investment over the years, including an exceptionally low recordable incident rate – F.S. Sperry has maintained recordable incident rates well below the industry averages.

As our employees’ quality of life has been enhanced through this kind of safe work environment, so has the quality of our work.

Striving for Continual Improvement

In addition to our ongoing efforts to train and equip our employees for safe work performance through efforts such as the drug-free workplace program, competent person training, and recruitment of dedicated craftsmen, we continue to identify health, safety and environmental practices that will increase our efficiencies and further control the hazards that could negatively impact our most valuable resource.

This past year, we have revised nearly every compliance program and added additional training requirements, beginning with new-hires, and will soon begin implementing job applicant screening enhancements. Such is our commitment to quality and cost-effective service through safety.