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Heat-processing equipment at manufacturing facilities is a capital-intensive investment. The proper use of refractories during new construction is vital for protecting and preserving the life of your valuable industrial processing equipment.

During the construction process, we understand your need to balance safety, cost-effectiveness, and speed. For every new construction project, the F.S. Sperry team’s technical expertise, our supplier relationships and distribution capabilities, and our commitment to safety, ensures that you’ll have a safe job site, get your products quickly, and have them installed in the most effective manner.

While we’re not always the lowest upfront bidder, we understand how to do the job right, which means you’ll get the most cost-effective refractories solution over the total life of your equipment. We’re able to bond even the largest jobs, which gives you the comfort that it will be completed as promised.

The proof is in our track record: over 98% of our customers continue to do business with us after our first project.

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