Foamfrax Veneer Coating for Ceramic Fiber

Veneer Coating for Ceramic Fiber Applications 

Most plant engineers and maintenance personnel are familiar with ceramic fiber. But many are just learning about how adding a veneer coating with our sprayable Unifrax ceramic fiber can extend the life of their existing ceramic fiber.

If your furnace develops hotspots, loses its efficiency and runs hotter than normal, or if any of your ceramic fiber is deteriorating, you don’t necessarily have to replace the refractory.

F.S. Sperry can add a special veneer coating — an easy way to extend the life and efficiency of your ceramic fiber at a low cost. It’s unique. And it’s effective.

F.S. Sperry is the #1 Distributor of Foamfrax® Insulation

Foamfrax is a three-component system of specially conditioned bulk ceramic or soluble fibers, an inorganic binder, and an organic foaming binder. The installation process combines the bulk fiber material with the inorganic and organic binders in a patented mixing mechanism creating a homogeneous foam/fiber mixture.

The interlocking network of fibers provides a strong, uniform monolithic structure having excellent thermal insulating properties, very low heat storage, and excellent resistance to thermal shock.

Veneer Coating Applications

Using Foamfrax, we’ve extended the life of old furnaces by up to four years, saving customers substantial amounts of capital via reduced energy costs, less downtime and delayed equipment replacement costs.

We can apply these Foamfrax veneer coatings to

  • Ladle lids
  • Consumable ladle lids
  • Ladle preheater walls
  • Tunnel furnaces (on the vertical upper side walls)
  • Roller openings
  • Lower castable lining in the lower section of the tunnel furnace (below the rollers)
  • Castable end panels and doors (if ceramic fiber)

Case Study Downloads

F.S. Sperry owns multiple application machines for applying the unique Foamfrax product. Download a few case studies to see how we can apply it.

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Once you can see the results, it’s really a “no-brainer” decision because of the low cost and effectiveness!