New construction and turn-key refractory installation are rarely simple projects, so the F.S. Sperry team is comprised of personnel who have a variety of in-depth mechanical, maintenance and repair skills. Many of our customers value F.S. Sperry as a partner and trust our professional approach that delivers solutions and results to reduce downtime.

Let our light mechanical team handle the repairs and maintenance work that’s a little more than what your internal team wants to handle.

Examples of Mechanical and Maintenance Services We Perform

  • Pipe welding and installation
  • Owner designed equipment modifications
  • Metal fabrication
  • Belt, screw and vacuum conveyor maintenance
  • Conveyor installation and maintenance, including belt, screws, vacuums and other components
  • Installation and removal of platforms
  • Relocation of air dryer and tie in of air lines and bypass valves
  • Aluminum furnace pump well fabrication/ lining and installation
  • Process equipment steel repairs
  • Aluminum transfer ladle fabrication and owner-designed modifications
  • In shop fabrication ranging from, ladles, ladle feet, furnace doors, holding furnace doors
  • Ductwork lining, fabrication and installation
  • OEM dust collection equipment maintenance and installation
  • RTO maintenance/ mechanical and refractory repairs
  • Piping and process equipment insulation

Leverage and trust our team to handle the mechanical, maintenance and repair work that will keep your facility safe, clean and running on schedule.

Contact us today to review your mechanical, maintenance and repair needs.

Our address:
  • Knoxville Office 125 Arwood Drive Louisville, TN 37777

Contact details:
Phone number:
  • 865.977.9804

Eliminate those extra headaches and let our mechanical team handle the repairs and maintenance work that’s more than your internal team wants to handle.

Scott Richards - GM - Knoxville