One Team, Fewer Hassles

F.S. Sperry has the expertise, supplier relationships, financial strength and project management capabilities to handle all aspects of your refractories project, including turn-key installation projects.

Our construction crews are highly skilled and trained to install all types of refractories, including:

  • Refractory boiler settings
  • Aluminum furnace linings
  • Industrial furnace repairs
  • Billet reheat furnaces
  • Rotary kiln linings
  • Tunnel and shuttle kilns
  • Dryer and combustion chambers
  • Incineration
  • Stack and duct linings
  • Ladle and crucible linings
  • Pumpable insulation
  • Hyrate plastic gunning
  • Shotcrete and pumping


The keys to a successful turn-key installation project are proper planning, high-quality materials, an experienced construction crew, a safe job site, and attention to detail.

F.S. Sperry delivers this project after project, which is why our clients keep coming back to us.

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