Fiberfrax Insulation Products

Fiberfrax Product Line

F.S. Sperry stocks Fiberfrax® high-temperature insulation products in over 50 product forms. Fiberfrax® products have been manufactured by Unifrax since 1942.

When you choose Fiberfrax®, you get more than leading refractory ceramic-fiber products — you a get 70 years of expertise in the development of high-temperature solutions for demanding industrial, emission-control and fire-protection applications.

Fiberfrax® alumino-silicate fibers exhibit high temperature stability. All Fiberfrax fiber products are characterized by low thermal conductivity, low heat storage, excellent thermal shock resistance, light weight, and superior corrosion resistance for continuous use at temperatures up to 1430°C (2600°F).

Fiberfrax Product Line

Fiberfrax® Bulk Fibers

A wide variety of standard and custom Fiberfrax fiber forms offer unique solutions for vacuum formed production, reinforcement, filtration, and filter applications up to 1430°C (2600°F).

Fiberfrax Ceramic Fiber Product Data Sheet

Fiberfrax® Blankets

Produced with advanced spinning technology, Fiberfrax Durablanket, high-temperature insulation blankets are made from long-staple, inorganic spun fibers, needled to produce exceptional strength.

Fiberfrax Blanket and Mat Products Data Sheet

Fiberfrax® Boards

Rigid, durable, and highly refractory. Fiberfrax Duraboard high-temperature insulating boards are available in thicknesses from ¼” to 4″.

Fiberfrax Boards Product Data Sheet

Fiberfrax® Modules

Fiberfrax modules offer multiple-attachment options designed to meet the needs of specific application requirements. Fiberfrax modules include Bonded Modules, Fibermass Modules, Anchor-Loc, and Anchor-Loc2 Modules – with the following attachments: Thread Loc® Systems, Screw Loc® Systems,and Power-Loc® Systems, Weld-Loc® Systems.

Anchor-Loc Ceramic Fiber Modules Product Data Sheet

Anchor-Loc2 Ceramic Fiber Modules Product Data Sheet

Fiberwall Bonded Modules Product Data Sheet

Fibermass Ceramic Fiber Blocks Product Data Sheet

Fiberfrax® Papers and Felts

Fiberfrax products include the most extensive line of ceramic fiber papers and felts available. These high temperature insulation products are easily die cut and fabricated for a variety of thermal applications.

Fiberfrax Ceramic Fiber Paper Product Data Sheet

Fiberfrax Ceramic Fiber Felt Product Data Sheet

Fiberfrax® Textiles

A broad selection of fiber textiles, ropes and braids, Fiberfrax textiles are used for high temperature packing and gasketing applications.

Fiberfrax Woven Textiles

Fiberfrax Ropes Braids and Wicking Product Data Sheet

Fiberfrax® Coatings and Mixes

Shipped wet, Fiberfrax coatings and mixes are ready to apply for a variety of high-temperature insulation and sealing applications.

Fiberfrax Specialties

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