A Maintenance Checklist for an Aluminum Furnace

26 May 2016,

Keeping your industrial aluminum furnace in peak operating condition and preventing refractory breakdown requires regular maintenance. It’s like your car: if you don’t change the oil, monitor fluids and replace the parts that wear out, you’re headed for a breakdown. Remember, “pay-me-now or pay-me-later.” Today, unlike in previous decades, we’re finding that it’s not uncommon for industrial facilities to lack…Read More ›

Double the Refractory Cost, Triple the Savings

12 May 2016,

To state the obvious, everyone in industrial manufacturing in the U.S. is searching for cost reductions. The common practice is to attempt to find savings by reducing upfront material and labor costs. However, that provides no guarantee of actual saving over the long term, and there are times when you need a wide-angle lens instead of a fine-tooth comb to…Read More ›

Rebuilding a Kiln for a Major Refractory Manufacturer

31 March 2016,

Construction contractors don’t always have the best long-term reputations. It’s common for them to come and go, even in our specialty industry of refractory contracting. But there can be tremendous value in building a long-term relationship with the right refractory contractor. An example of this is highlighted by our recent job for a major U.S. refractory manufacturer that produces high…Read More ›

Mud is Mud …

9 March 2016,

Many people view refractory as dirt in a bag. It sure looks like dirt, right? If you can lay brick, you can lay firebrick, right? If you can cast concrete, you can install refractory, right? And many believe any laborer can install castable. In redbrick, a bricklayer not laying proper joints will be “run off” the job. However, we’ve seen…Read More ›

Workarounds to Keep the Production Line Running

2 March 2016,

Our culture is built around doing the job right so our customers get lasting value from our work. And we don’t just do it for our customers; we take pride in doing the job right. In most instances, “doing the job right” in a vacuum means shutting the line down for repairs or a rebuild. But the reality of today…Read More ›