Refractory Guidance – Informational Links

31 October 2017,

F.S. Sperry is a refractory contractor. Back in 2013, we began sharing our thoughts and experiences via our blog and email newsletter. We decided that it was time to catch up with many other industries who share information digitally. We also found that it was helpful to create articles that answer many of the questions we heard on a regular…Read More ›

When Hot-Gunning Refractory Is a Better Option Than a Cold Cleaning Patch

5 October 2016,

As a full service refractory contractor who prides ourselves in doing the job right, we always strive to create the best cost-effective long-term solution when it comes to protecting your people, production schedule and heat processing equipment. But sometimes, the realities of your production schedule justify short-term fixes instead of the best “long-term solution.” On a recent job, our customer…Read More ›

How to Avoid Getting Fooled When Evaluating Refractory Contractor Bids

15 August 2016,

As a refractory contractor focused on installation, maintenance and mechanical work, we’re used to filling out Request for Proposals and cost grids. These are extremely helpful for industrial manufacturing purchasing departments to use to compare unit pricing and select the lowest bid. But sometimes, these end up hurting you. How is that possible? First, let us clarify that we completely…Read More ›

Mud is Mud …

9 March 2016,

Many people view refractory as dirt in a bag. It sure looks like dirt, right? If you can lay brick, you can lay firebrick, right? If you can cast concrete, you can install refractory, right? And many believe any laborer can install castable. In redbrick, a bricklayer not laying proper joints will be “run off” the job. However, we’ve seen…Read More ›

Deciding Between a Sole Proprietor or Full-Service Refractory Contractor

25 April 2014,

If you’re a plant engineer at a large multi-national industrial manufacturer, you probably have the expertise and bandwidth on staff to manage all of the maintenance for your heat processing equipment. It’s common, however, for small to mid-size manufacturers to lack the resources or knowledge to take on maintenance and repair projects by themselves. Because cost is always an issue,…Read More ›