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31 October 2017,

F.S. Sperry is a refractory contractor. Back in 2013, we began sharing our thoughts and experiences via our blog and email newsletter. We decided that it was time to catch up with many other industries who share information digitally.

We also found that it was helpful to create articles that answer many of the questions we heard on a regular basis regarding materials, installation methods, equipment, cost, etc. This article is a summary of key links to refractory guidance that you might find useful (so you don’t have to sift through the individual blog posts). We’ve grouped these by category.

Feel free to bookmark this page for easy future access. We’ll continue adding links to new articles as we create them. Since many of our jobs are confidential, we can’t provide photos or descriptions, but we are able to talk about our capabilities one-on-one, so reach out to us if you have questions that you don’t see answered here.

Discussions About Refractory Materials

Here we talk about differences in materials and how the equipment and each situation affect the material selection.

Refractory Cost – Lowering and Comparing 

Using inexpensive materials doesn’t always provide the lowest total job cost. Here we provide tips on how to keep your costs under control.

Equipment – Boilers, Furnaces, RTOs and Kilns

Here are checklists for your equipment and case studies of work on specific types of heat processing equipment.

Refractory Installation Methods

Installation methods need to be properly matched to the materials, equipment, downtime and equipment access. Here’s a discussion of each.

General Refractory Guidance and Education

Here are articles about refractories in general and discussions about common misconceptions about refractories.

Evaluating Refractory Contractors

Here are articles about evaluating refractory contractors and their bids for a project.

Examples of F.S. Sperry’s Work

Here are some case studies about our work.

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