Expansion Joints for Installation of a Castable

6 July 2015,

If you’re having a castable installed, your refractory contractor’s ability to properly calculate for expansion is essential to obtaining the expected life of the refractory. It’s never fun to learn this the hard way (like the engineers did in the above photo) – improper calculations can force you to replace material far too soon after installation and incur downtime and…Read More ›

Silver Linings in Unscheduled Downtime

24 June 2015,

Unplanned downtime is something we all prefer to avoid at all costs. But once in awhile, a problem with your boiler, oven or kiln can deliver an unexpected benefit. They’re hard to see when you’re staring at expensive repairs, lost production revenue or a safety issue, so we thought we’d share a couple of examples from recent projects. Maximizing the…Read More ›

A One Stop Shop

10 June 2015,

Most of our blog posts focus on the specifics of our industry – installation methods, refractory material, case studies and refractory product discussions. Our main goal is to educate and allow our readers to learn more about how we think and approach specific jobs and situations. We try not to use our blog as a shameless self-promotional platform, but we’re…Read More ›

How To Choose the Best Refractory Material

26 February 2015,

We commonly hear engineering and maintenance managers tell us, “I want to use the latest technology” or “I want to use the best refractory material.” It’s a logical request, right? And there’s been some buzz in our industry over the past few years about new refractory materials on the market such as gunite and shotcrete technologies that incorporate colloidal silica…Read More ›

Case Study: Foamfrax RG Instead of a Low-Temperature Board System

18 February 2015,

It’s not uncommon for the best solution for our customer to be different from what they originally asked for. Our engineers’ high level of experience, knowledge and skills allows us to consider a far wider range of solutions and present options the customer might have not even been aware of. Since real-life examples are always helpful, here’s a case study…Read More ›