There’s a Crack in My Refractory

18 December 2015,

If your refractory is cracked, is it failing? Cracks certainly don’t look good. And they don’t instill confidence. But the reality is that most cracks are not necessarily bad, detrimental or indicative of failure. A casual look at a street, sidewalk or your garage floor makes the point. Monolithic refractories will crack for a variety of reasons: Heating stresses Volume…Read More ›

A High Tech Application of a Low Tech Refractory

11 December 2015,

“Fire brick is a thing of the past.” Have you ever heard that from your refractory contractor? Or maybe said it yourself? We hear it often. Many new high-quality refractory materials have come into the marketplace over the past 10 years, and it’s natural to want the cutting-edge technology in your plant. Who doesn’t want the latest and greatest? But…Read More ›

Recommendations and Case Studies for Your Heat Processing Equipment

7 December 2015,

Refractories are a vital component of industrial manufacturing. The tremendous volume of choices for different types of refractories results in a wide range of potential outcomes. The right choice can lead to the safe, low-maintenance and cost-effective protection of vital industrial heat-processing equipment for a 5- to 10-year period. The wrong choice can lead to downtime, equipment failure and accidents that place…Read More ›

Low and Slow – How to Get the Perfect Bakeout

6 October 2015,

Remember the last time you did something that you knew you shouldn’t do, but you did it anyway? Like having that bacon double-cheeseburger when you were trying to lose weight? Or buying that 60” flat screen TV on credit when you didn’t have the budget for it? Human beings are imperfect creatures. From time-to-time we’re all guilty of taking shortcuts…Read More ›

Keeping the Job on Track When Disaster Strikes

22 September 2015,

Fourth of July weekend is a common time for aluminum manufacturers to perform routine maintenance. Many have very tight maintenance schedules during these two or three days of downtime. It’s one of our busiest times of the year. But not even the best-laid plans can protect you from catastrophe. And that’s exactly what happened to us this past July 4th…Read More ›