Recommendations and Case Studies for Your Heat Processing Equipment

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7 December 2015,

Refractories are a vital component of industrial manufacturing. The tremendous volume of choices for different types of refractories results in a wide range of potential outcomes.

The right choice can lead to the safe, low-maintenance and cost-effective protection of vital industrial heat-processing equipment for a 5- to 10-year period. The wrong choice can lead to downtime, equipment failure and accidents that place our friends and colleagues in harm’s way.

We’ve been writing about our experiences in our blog since 2013 and are pleased to announce that you can now access all of our posts in a single, easy-to-share PDF guide – Refractory Installation and Maintenance.

It’s free to download and contains discussions about:

  • How to reduce your total cost
  • Refractory installation methods
  • Refractory material
  • Case studies
  • Refractory maintenance tips

We hope you enjoy it! Download here:

Refractory Installation and Maintenance


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