Preventative Maintenance Checklist for Your Refractory Linings

5 March 2014,

We all know that it’s a good idea to perform routine maintenance on important machinery – both in our manufacturing facility and in our personal lives. You change the oil in your car, right? I know that not everybody changes their oil every 3,000 miles, but for those of you that were driving back in the 1970s and 1980s, did…Read More ›

Case Study: Foamfrax Veneer vs. Coating

1 March 2014,

We’re always on the lookout for innovations that improve the performance of refractories and linings. Though it requires a substantial undertaking to evaluate the quality and performance of new products in our industry, we’ve found that the rewards far outweigh the costs. Of course, we’d never use a product that’s untested, but when we find a new product that delivers…Read More ›

When Refractory Contractors Fail to Bid on Complete Project Requirements

28 February 2014,

“I love your proposal, but I love the other guy’s price.” Have you ever heard that before? For those of us who are providing complex services and products in the business-to-business market, this is frustrating to hear. Especially when you hear it often. When I expressed my frustration to another CEO colleague over dinner the other night, he asked me…Read More ›

Shotcrete vs. Gunite vs. Pump Casting vs. Casting – Misconceptions About Refractory Installation Methods

21 January 2014,

I’m amazed at how many times we’ve met with a potential client where another refractory contractor has told them something off the cuff like “you need to shotcrete this” or “you need to pump that” … without taking the time to actually go through the proper steps to evaluate the best method for the application. This usually happens because the…Read More ›

The “Taillight Guarantee”

17 January 2014,

We use a term in the industry called “the taillight guarantee.” Any idea what it stands for? (Hint: It’s not positive.) The taillight guarantee means that your support ends when your refractory contractor’s truck pulls out of your lot at the end of the job. Sometimes it elicits chuckles, but many times we have to use the term when we’re…Read More ›