Case Study: Foamfrax RG Instead of a Low-Temperature Board System

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18 February 2015,

It’s not uncommon for the best solution for our customer to be different from what they originally asked for. Our engineers’ high level of experience, knowledge and skills allows us to consider a far wider range of solutions and present options the customer might have not even been aware of.

Since real-life examples are always helpful, here’s a case study from one of our projects. Our customer had us engineer and install a suspended brick roof for a tunnel kiln that operated at 2100 degrees Fahrenheit.

foamfrax case study

A low-temperature board system was specified as backup insulation behind the brick crown. Note that the tiles are suspended from structural I-beams using a ceramic/alloy hanger system.

Here’s a closer look:

Foamfrax RG

If we had followed through with installing the board system as specified, it would have required cutting through two layers of board to accommodate each anchor. That’s a labor-intensive task.

Instead, we suggested using Foamfrax RG by Unifrax as a viable alternative. The Foamfrax RG was easily installed around the ceramic/alloy hanger system assuring a good seal with minimal joints.

Refractory Case Study

This alternative to the original job specifications provided our client with:

Lower Installation Costs

The Foamfrax RG Insulation system was installed in 1/3 of the time that would have been required to install the board backup system.

Better Thermal Efficiency

The Foamfrax RG Insulation monolithic system provided a one-layer backup lining system without joints and heat leaks, increasing the overall lining thermal efficiency.

Less Job Hassle

F.S. Sperry is a specially trained Unifrax distributor/ contractor and was able to supply engineering, materials, equipment and installation as a complete package.

F.S. Sperry has been in the refractory business for over 60 years. That kind of experience can really pay off for customers – both in dollars saved and in peace of mind. If you have a challenging project, talk to us – it may be that you have more options than you think.


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