An Alternative Refractory Hot-face Lining Reduces Electricity Consumption by 10%

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21 August 2014,
This Case Study Outlines How F.S. Sperry Reduced the Electricity Consumption Requirements of the Aluminum Holding Furnace Equipment at a Global Die Casting Company

refractory hot-face liningChallenge:

It’s no secret that manufacturers have been feeling a constant pressure on profit margins, both abroad and in the United States. In the die cast industry, the ever-increasing cost of electricity has created a downward pressure on margins for years.

Last year, a global die cast manufacturer approached F.S. Sperry with a goal of reducing the energy consumption requirements of its aluminum holding furnace equipment.


With the assistance of our material manufacturing partner, F.S. Sperry conducted a long-term study to analyze the power requirements and heat loss of the current lining configuration in the furnace.

After gaining a better understanding of the energy and heat loss averages, we worked with the engineers of our refractory material manufacturing partner to identify an alternative refractory hot-face lining, which we then installed.


After the installation, the manufacturers’ engineers monitored the furnace for over six months. The results were compelling. Our customer was able to realize a reduction in power consumption of up to 10%.

While this might sound like a small percentage, when the savings were multiplied across many units, the overall reduction in power cost was staggering. This number went directly to our customer’s bottom line.


  • The current lining configuration of your heat processing equipment affects its power consumption requirements. During routine maintenance, or when considering a reline, try to determine if the configuration has deviated from the OEM’s original configuration.
  • Many OEMs offer equipment that included the best lining configurations on the market at the time they were originally built.  If they were constructed 10 to 20 years ago, more recent technological improvements could yield a substantial reduction in energy requirements, translating into significant bottom-line savings.

As your refractory maintenance partner, F.S. Sperry has the experience, relationships and know-how to analyze your energy consumption and deliver the optimal lining for your equipment.

Your refractory is not a commodity. Treating it as such can prevent you from achieving significant cost reductions and improving your bottom line.


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